• Working through your Sales Leaders is the fastest and most effective way to delivering change. We work with your Sales Leaders to create clarity of priorities and awareness of their role as drivers of change. We engage them in the process of improving sales performance and we build the skills and tool-belt they need to drive change effectively.

  • You want improved sales performance - yet you are unsure how to get there. Some challenges need only a quick fix. Others require a cultural change. We provide the clarity you need to make the right decision and we equip your organization to deliver the desired change.

  • Our approach is simple. We work with you to identify what needs to change. Our solutions are flexible as they always reflect your need. You are likely to find that improving your sales performance can be a less demanding exercise than you think, and with faster results and greater impact than anticipated

We have delivered successful training programmes for close to 100 nationalities across all continents

As Exclusive Partner of Imparta Ltd we specialize in Top50 companies

Established in 2003 Activatum has been around for more than 10 years