Awareness of Needs

During this phase, the buyer moves from being happy with the status quo, to recognising the need to change an existing product, service, process or supplier. The role of the salesperson during this phase is to identify possible opportunities, and to navigate the different buyer roles, testing different “sweet spots” between the client’s needs and your capabilities. The salesperson also needs to help the customer build urgency around addressing their needs, quantify the value that a solution would create, and overcome barriers to change. In particular, that means coaching people within the target organisation to understand their own stakeholders, and to create a movement for change.

The specific outcomes we help to create during the Awareness of Needs stage of the buying cycle include:

Building the sales pipeline though more targeted lead generation activities and a better understanding of how to navigate complex buyer roles and gain access to new opportunities.
Reducing cycle time and increasing average account size by building a deep understanding of a client or target’s business issues and KPIs. This allows salespeople to uncover needs across the wider organisation, while allowing benefits to be expressed in the customer’s own terms to a range of stakeholders.
Further increasing account size by understanding your own company’s capabilities at different levels, and mapping these onto the customer’s needs in a process of structured creativity.
Improving the conversion rate from target to prospect, through questioning skills, a clear understanding of decision roles, and the ability to make a quantified case for change that covers the full range of value created for the customer.