Alleviation of Risks

During this stage, the customer has narrowed their choice of preferred solution, but begins to think about the personal and business risks that may be involved. The role of the salesperson is to uncover these risks and help them find ways to address them. This can again be a counterintuitive process for salespeople, who need to become comfortable with discussing risks as well as alleviating them.

The specific outcomes we help to create during the Alleviation of Risk stage of the buying cycle include:

  • Reducing the number of stalled opportunities by identifying when risks are blocking progress and uncovering risks at the strategic, tactical, political and personal levels.
  • Improving the conversion rate by exploring and resolving the obstacles to a decision. This involves different skills depending on the type of risks being experienced: strategic, tactical, political and individual.
  • Managing competitive threats by developing a shared, client-focused approach to business development.