Achievement of Results

In this final phase, the decision has been made and the solution is being implemented. The salesperson’s role will vary depending on how you handle implementation, but at a minimum it should be to prepare for a successful implementation, help to anticipate potential issues, and look for additional opportunities.

The specific outcomes we help to create during the Achievement of Results stage of the buying cycle include:

  • Increasing customer satisfaction by understanding the three phases of implementation that follow a sale – the honeymoon, disenchantment and success periods – and making sure that value promised is actually delivered, and that new opportunities are identified.
  • Reducing the costs of acquiring further business through increased confidence from the client.
  • Identifying new opportunities by being visible during implementation, and actively managing referrals.

At this point, The Buying Cycle kicks off again. For more complex accounts, our Strategic Account Management programme helps Account Managers to develop robust strategies to further develop account opportunities.