Creating Client Value

The Methodology

What makes a great Salesperson, Account Manager or Business Developer?  In a world where it’s hard to differentiate on the product alone, people buy from people who create value for them – through the insights they bring to the table, the solutions they create, and the help they provide around the buying process. Great salespeople can be challenging, but rather than being seen as intrusive, they are seen as trusted business advisors.

Activatum build our customized Sales Effectiveness Programmes from the sales methodology “Creating Client Value” (CCV) developed by our partner Imparta. CCV has been helping salespeople to drive revenue growth for the last decade. CCV was developed in a unique collaboration between Imparta and Neil Rackham, the author of SPIN® Selling and arguably the world’s leading researcher into sales effectiveness.

CCV concentrates on consultative selling – that space where salespeople help their customers understand their issues and opportunities in a new way and then show them solutions, which closely match their needs.

CCV has generated hundreds of millions of pounds in identified incremental revenue by focusing on the process the customer goes through, rather than on a ‘sales process’. Recognising where the customer is in their own process is critical in being able to support and influence them through each stage. There are five major stages in any buying decision, as shown in The Buying Cycle to the right.

For more insights on each of the phases of the buying cycle click on the following links:

Awareness of Needs

Assessment of Alternatives 

Alleviation of Risks 


Achievement of Results